Why do I need my Air Conditioning checked?

Leaving your Air -Con un serviced can result in bacteria building up in the pipe work. and be more expensive to run. Condensation and heat is a prime environment for the growth of mould, not only does it cause unpleasant smells it can also affect your health. Respiratory problems, sneezing and other irritating symptoms can arise. A regular check of your system will ensure efficiency, colder air and it will be cleaner air too ! Air con check and Re-gas is £35 inc vat

What does a Pollen filter do?

A pollen filter eliminates most pollutant particles such as fumes, bacteria, pollen and dust that come into your car throughout the year. The filter collects the particles giving you cleaner air that helps reduce tiredness, headaches, allergies, such as asthma and hay-fever sufferers. They also help with fume odour control and reduce the build up of bacteria deposits, assisting in efficient air flow in the heating, air conditioning systems that feed you via interior vents. The manufacturer recommends these are changed every main service, or if your vehicle smells stale.

Tyres - Important Information

One of your vehicles most import safety features and your connection with the road. Worn tyres impact on driving performance, grip, braking and steering. Your safety and that of other road users rely heavily on your tyre condition. The minimum tread depth legally is 1.6mm , heavy fines from £2500-£10,000 for 1 to 4 tyres is applicable if found to be below this legal limit. Braking distances are significantly reduced when tyres reach 3mm and below. For example new tyres at 8mm can stop your vehicle in 26 metres increasing to 43 metres at 1.6mm on road tarmac. Accidents occur at a higher ratio in our current poor weather conditions (Jan 13). Here at Ryans Garage we offer a free safety check, and will advise you of your current wear and average tyre life left or if it has received any damage or has bulges caused by many pot holes we suffer. Call in and let us make sure you are travelling safely or follow some basic checks.

Tyre Maintenance

Tread depth-Pay special attention to the amount of tread remaining on your tyres, and measure them regularly (details of minimum legal tread depths is given below). Always replace tyres before they reach the legal limit. Pressures- The vehicle’s handbook provides guidance about how to look after your tyres. It will also contain information about vehicle loading and the required adjustments to tyre pressures which should be followed for safety. Tyre pressures should always be checked and corrected (if necessary) when they are cold. It is vital that tyre pressures are maintained at the levels recommended by the manufacturer to ensure maximum tyre life, safety, the best ride and handling characteristics. Over or under-inflating tyres is likely to seriously impair their performance and may prejudice the safe use of the vehicle. Over-inflation increases overall tyre diameter, decreases the amount of tread in contact with the road, decreases sidewall flexibility and affects road-adhesion. Under-inflation decreases overall tyre diameter, increases sidewall flexion, generates higher tyre operating temperatures and difficult vehicle handling characteristics. Running an under-inflated tyre may cause premature tyre failure. Both over and under-inflation adversely affect tyre life. Cleaning treads- Keep tyre treads clean of stones and other foreign bodies, and check regularly for damage to the tread and side-walls. It is vitally important that any damage is checked out by a tyre expert and any necessary repairs or replacements are carried out immediately. Tyre valves- Check tyre valves carefully. Ensure the caps are in place and that there is no evidence of cracking or damage to the valve stem. Source : www.rospa.com

Helpful Links

A learning video for Safety Checks" on your vehicle - or let our technicians do it for you for free while still available. 01454 320023 Source- www.rospa.com

Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades are an important safety aspect of your vehicles safety. Many traffic accidents are associated to poor visibility. When wiper blades are in poor condition, worn and uneven they allow deposits of grit and dirt to remain on the screen. Particles can scratch your glass and can affect an MOT inspection. Replace your blades when; your have smears remain after use. If they do not run smoothly and become annoyingly noisy. Areas of glass are not touched by the wiper upon use Wipers are cracked and metal is exposed. Check you wipers - Be Safe and don't forget your screen wash for a clean screen !!

Why Air Con in Winter?

Switched off for long periods of time, water or air can get into the a/c system. The moisture will react with the refrigerant to create acid, which then attacks the seals and pipe-work leaving you with a hefty repair bill. An air-conditioning service is recommended every two years during this service, the refrigerant is changed, air-tightness checked and the dryer replaced if necessary. Since the system works under permanent pressure, its components are exposed to a natural wearing process. Hoses and seals also age, dry out and can then become leaky. This leads to refrigerant escaping, which in turn reduces the cooling capacity. To guarantee long-term and perfect functioning of the air conditioning, check and re-gas are required

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