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Minor MOT faults

A ‘minor’ fault would be considered as one where the problem does not cause an immediate safety risk but should be rectified soon. This is very similar to the existing system whereby an advisory is given to items that the driver should be aware of and may cause a future MOT failure if not addressed. An MOT certificate will still be issued if a vehicle only has minor faults.

Major MOT Faults

A ‘major’ fault is more serious, poses a potential safety risk to drivers and others. It could also be a defect that has a damaging impact on the environment. These faults will result in an MOT failure and the owner will not be issued with an MOT pass certificate until the issues have been rectified. 

Dangerous MOT faults

Meanwhile a fault classed as ‘dangerous’ is one that poses an immediate risk to the safety of the driver and other road users, and as such, the vehicle should not be driven until the fault has been rectified. This will also result in an immediate MOT failure.


The motorcycle MOT consists of 16 checks to ensure that your bike is safe and fit for purpose.

Class 1

  • Motorcycle /
  • Engine size up to 200cc

Class 2

  • Motorcycle /
  • Engine size over 200cc
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